Living Home


The Living Home Project - a collaborative effort to educate, demonstrate, validate and promote "good" environmental home design that is applicable to the Lethbridge environment.

The goal of the project was to design and construct a home to enhance quality of life both within the home and in the community. The overall objective of the project was to study and improve residential home design, reduce environmental impact and enhance life-quality. The project was an inter-disciplinary effort within the Lethbridge College that allowed integration with student projects and applied research opportunitites. Construction practices were researched and monitored to optimize the use of materials and minimize both costs and energy.

The Living Home is a result of a unique three-way partnership between Lethbridge College, the City of Lethbridge and Cedar Ridge Quality Homes.  This partnership incorporated three distinct but complementary visions:

City of Lethbridge
To promote environmentally sustainable home design.

Cedar Ridge Quality Homes
To push the boundaries of high-quality, sustainable building practices.

Lethbridge College
To incorporate a ground-breaking educational component involving the accumulated knowledge of Lethbridge College staff and the enthusiasm of its students..

            The Living Home Video.


The Living Home has been sold.