Architectural Controls


Environmental, economic and social sustainability are incorporated from the ground up in every element of SunRidge.

This green community is governed by an environmentally responsible philosophy that includes: 

  • a minimum Built Green bronze standard for all buildings
  • an open space system that incorporates sustainable design principles
  • alternate energy sources
  • natural landscaping practices
  • functional transportation networks
  • accessible and open green spaces

In order to ensure that SunRidge develops as a cohesive unit we've also established a set of Architectural Controls and Design Guidelines that each home builder and property owner is required to follow.  These guidelines are in place to develop and protect a sense of integrity within SunRidge, as well as aid in the maintenance of property values and neighbourhood aesthetics.

Architectural Controls and Design Guidelines for SunRidge Phase 3D
Architectural Controls and Design Guidelines  for SunRidge Phase 3C

To obtain a copy of the Architectural Controls and Design Guidelines for previous phases, please contact 403.320.3905 or .